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About Us
During has business starting various ups and downs has effected his professional life but was not effected much due to his inner strength of strong will power and internal wisdom. Then Mr Bishnoi can in cotact with International society of Krishna Conciousness, where he learned the concept of Shrimad-Bhagavatam-Geeta. Finding the organization to be very useful, he acknowledged one of their leaders His Holiness Lokanath Swami as his spiritual master.

Education spiritual knowledge from his guru and other similarly blessed persons, and desiring to know more he decided to learn Sanskrit and take Mr. Anil Kumar Jha – a Sanskrit researcher as his teacher. Getting an insight on the verses in Sanskrit as enclosed in Bhagavatam-Geeta and Shrimad-Bhagavatam, he began to inscribe for various newspapers and magazines. His articles have been written in The Pioneer – an English daily published from Delhi, Hindustan Times – an English daily published from Delhi, Punjab Kesari – a Hindi daily in print from Delhi, Milap – a Urdu daily published from Delhi, and Swagat magazine of Indian Airlines.

Recently, he has started decode Bhagavatam-Geeta with the help of his Sanskrit instructor. This book shall be particular, very different from all the known a choice of editions of Bhagavatam-Geeta presently available in the marketplace. It would categorize the grammatical form of the words used and provide literal word meanings ensure legitimacy. in the same way, the Hindi and English translations shall be coordinated with the word meanings allow for differences in the exclusive style of the particular language. In addition, the verses shall further tried to be explain, clarify, illustrate, and exemplify as regards to the philosophy contained in them with the help of mainly stories, incidents, etc such that common man will be able to read the same and understand the wisdom controlled in this great book.

Mr. Bishnoi is a practicing preacher for the last quite a lot of years. He regularly gives spiritual discourses in various ISKCON centers in addition in a range of offices and schools. It is Mr. Bishnoi’s realization that search for peace culminates in spiritual data, that is one must be linked to God to be able to be calm. Website - Mr. Bishnoi considers himself to be just like anyone else and consequently feels that others similarly placed and not peaceful could take advantage of his realizations. This website is being bent for sharing the spiritual knowledge which he has obtained from the scripture like Bhagavatam-Geeta and from spiritually superior persons like Shrila Prabhupada - the Founder-Acharya of ISKCON.

His articles being written in the various news papers are in the direction of the same reason. All the articles thus for printed have been incorporated in this website. Further articles as they are printed shall be post also. The language used in these article is very simple and easily understandable even though the topics dealt with are spiritual, that is the highest. The solutions offered are mainly based on Bhagavatam-Geeta and attempt has been made to produce the modern with the earliest or spiritual.

One can search for solution to various problems by type the problem, e.g. anger and the equivalent article shall appear.

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